About Me


It’s Me (Helal Uddin).
I’m a graphic designer not only this, graphic design is my fad and walk of my life. I have been working on graphic design for five years. I have proper experience on Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design & like this type of designing. I believe in my morality and I always try to provide the Innovative & creative design. Satisfaction of buyer is my intention and pleasure. So you can keep trust & confidence on my work and principle.

I am still here 24×7 days For communication, I have Skype & Gtalk.

I offer you Digital Publication (Digital E-magazine, Brochure, Catalog etc, E-pub, Interactive Layout), Brand identity, Magazine, Brochure, catalog, PSD Template design, Email signature, Email template, Facebook-Twitter-G+ header or timeline design, Business card, Flyer, Logo Design etc…..

I have used most recent version of graphic design work.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 to CC
Adobe Illustrator CS3-CC
Adobe Indesign CS4-CC
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Edge Animat CC

At last, I want to make proper communication with the buyer and I always try to ensure bet quality & standard. There are some samples of my work in my PortFolio. You can see my PortFolio and get a decision.

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